Eye-tracking project with daily news. Urban Screen is an idea and model of rethinking the interface of reading news in the public.

The screen collects and calculates views with eye-tracking in the heat map. Articles with the most views stays on the top of the list, the less read articles drop off.

News will vary depending on the day time. At some moment on a bus stop there are more scholars, at some other moment older people and then on some point workers going to home. The news screen will be different depending of the day time and the rhythm of everyday life.

The news are coming from one media. It should not be an area where newspapers are having competition with the headlines. News are written on a format in which a reader can know what it was about.

The screen is quite small. Too big screen would be weird for news, the lowest news would stay unread just because of the place or they would jump to main place because of children watching pictures. This is an interesting aspect, but not the main question in this project.

Also the technical side limits: there cannot be too many readers at the same time, because the eye-tracker cannot follow many eyes. A smaller screen will give also privacy to take a moment to read news and record own “eye mark” for the news stream.