Ori3ntatioX (2019)

Two persons behind two wooden figures

Project with Carla Zamora

Sensing the world around us is giving self-assertion of our own position in it and the feeling of present. Orientation is also connected to readjustment that we need often to settle on our place.

How your position sounds like?

Ori3ntatioX is an instrument that senses its environment and position in the world. It generates three different sounds by the position of the instrument based on the dimensions x, y and z. There are no left and right, only constantly and relatively changing coordinates in the space.

Sounds can be controlled by moving the instrument around in the space. To get smoother soundscape it can be hung in its wooden cradle where it is swinging slowly from side to side.

The project reflects the need to feel balanced in constant movement and restless wondering.

The sibling instrument by Carla Zamora is sensing the vibrations of touch and natural rocks, generating soft and wild soundscapes.

The instruments are made out of plywood, canvas, rocks, ESP32-microcontroller, piezo, orientation sensor, Arduino and Max.

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