Interspaced (2020)

Mixed image of dark city with lights on the windows and inside space with bed and human legs standing on the floor.

Interspaced project consists of 74 videos and images made and published originally for COCO-lands project during the spring 2020.

Interspaced is a research about mental and physical intermediate states using a pinhole room and videos as a tool to understand the urban spaces we live in. These are filmed mainly in a tiny residence flat in Austria and last weeks of the project in Finland.

The inside world happens in different rhythms, moods and forms. When you listen carefully, events indoors and outdoors have some dialog.

Things are overlapping, mixing and becoming one reality. In the background is sometimes disordered marine weather radio to know the circumstances on the isolated islands. It resembles the time before technological dependence.

The outside world is projected through a pinhole into a room, making the room to be one big camera obscura. Some days when it was too dark, two videos or photos are mixed digitally together, making them move in different time-spaces.

On red background a blue globe where is written "Tiia" with a white smaller ball. On top of the image is written "COCO-lands".

Example scenes:


Interspaced is part of COCO-lands – digital archive of international media artists dealing with the global COVID-19 crisis. The participants shared their personal reflections on the various forms of isolation from a variety of geographical contexts.

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