COCO-lands (2020-)

Blue shiny ball in front of big screen with similar blue globe.

COCO-lands is a growing digital archive of 14 international media artists dealing with the global COVID-19 crisis.

Starting from March 15th, the participants shared their personal reflections on the various forms of isolation from a variety of geographical contexts: from almost complete isolation in Italy, over the strict measures in Austria, to the serious social consequences in the USA and a permanent isolation on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

The contributing artists decided to create their digital diaries as a ritual without knowing when the process might end.

COCO-lands has been exhibited in Ars Electronica 2020 – The Wild State. Upcoming exhibition: BestOff, Linz.

Artists Statement

Artist diaries usually contain works in progress which remain unpublished until we polish them to perfection.

During isolation, as the online world became our only meeting point, we find new courage to publish these intimate thoughts and unfinished artistic processes created as a result of time spent in reflection.

What is a diary? How to reinvent our direct surroundings?

Our artistic approaches and processes don’t hesitate to change directions, improve, or organically start and stop in different times. The diaries remain as an open format that supports artistic experimentation, innovation and self-observation.


  • Smirna Kulenović (BA) – concept curator
  • Carla Zamora (AT) – project leader and coordinator
  • Indiara Di Benedetto (IT) – graphic design & social media
  • Tiia Suorsa (FI) – visual communication manager and web coordinator
  • Iosune Sarasate (ES) – technical lead & visualization

The platform

Interspaced by Tiio Suorsa

Mixed image of dark city with lights on the windows and inside space with bed and human legs standing on the floor.

The media diary “Interspaced” is part of COCO-lands.

“Interspaced” is a research about mental and physical interspaces by real and artificial projections in the room. Using a pinhole room and videos as a tool to understand the spaces we live in.

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