Tiio Suorsa (1985) is a visual artist from Finland, working in Austria with experimental photography, digital poetry and moving images. She explores defined roles and relationships between humans, nature and technology. Recently her works and research has been focused on experimental letter writing and digital poetry while exploring the impact of slowness and in-betweenness.

Tiio Suorsa holds MA degree from the digital culture, University of Turku (2017) and BA from the Turku Arts Academy (2012). Currently she is updating herself in Interface Cultures in Linz, Austria.


Upcoming exhibitions/events

  • June 2021 (postponed) COCO-lands: BestOff exhibition, Linz, Austria

Recent exhibitions/events

  • September 2020 Kinesics of Letters: Nokturno.fi (digital and experimental poetry), Finland
  • exhibition 9.-11.9.2020 COCO-lands: Ars Electronica Festival 2020, Linz, Austria
  • talk 10.9.2020 0ddR0ck: Agora Digitalis – State of Online Culture, Linz, Austria
  • talk 11.9.2020 COCO-lands: Agora Digitalis – State of Online Communities, Linz, Austria
  • screening 24.6.2020 Kinesics of Letters: ZBM online festival, Linz, Austria
  • screening June-July 2020 Kinesics of Letters: Dorf TV, Linz, Austria


  • 2017 Digitoitu maito ei valu (Digitized milk does not drain – The materiality, time and interaction with the digital and material museum artefacts). Master’s thesis. University of Turku.
  • 2016 Photography group zine: hetiZine no. 1. Numbered edition. The Finnish Museum of Photography.
  • 2015 Menneisyyden muisti (The memory of the past). Interpretation of IC-98 – The View From the Other Side (2011). University of Turku.